About Online Booking

Online tickets can be purchased with: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Promotional and Coupon Codes are also accepted.

Prior to purchasing tickets, please review all policies below. Please be prepared to provide all necessary information, including passenger count, credit card information, promotional and coupon code numbers. Please note that once your tickets have been purchased; passenger count reductions will not be possible, and that any future passenger additions will be subject to availability and must be made through the online ticketing system.

Reservation / Cancellation Policy

Tickets purchased using these systems are for a single and specific event. The event will take place on the date, time and at the location indicated on your ticket/boarding pass. Thunder Cat Speedboat, LLC will hold reservations only for the number of passengers indicated on your ticket/boarding pass. Failure to arrive at the designated location, by the designated check-in time, will result in all tickets/boarding passes becoming null and VOID and will render your reservation in-valid. If this occurs; No refunds will be awarded to no-shows or if you are late and miss the boat. In the event that you need to change your date or time of departure, you must contact us at a MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE . Note: If you choose to cancel, FOR ANY REASON, you will be charged a 5% cancellation fee.

NOTE: All passengers and/or groups must arrive at the check in booth; no later than 30 minutes prior to departure time. Thunder Cat Speedboat, LLC reserves the right to cancel the reservation of any passenger who misses their reserved tour.

Thunder Cat Speedboat, LLC reserves the right to cancel any excursion in the event that; minimum passenger requirements are not met, a mechanical or equipment malfunction occurs, potentially dangerous or poor weather conditions are present of perceived; such as: measurable rain, lightning, thunderstorms, high winds, or any other general condition deemed by the vessels Captain to be potentially unsafe. In the event Thunder Cat Speedboat, LLC cancels an excursion, NO cancellation fee will be charged and a full refund will be offered. Thunder Cat Speedboat, LLC generally does not operates during rain. Cancellations due to poor weather conditions are at the sole discretion of Thunder Cat Speedboat, LLC.

Note: Some excursions may be subject to a minimum number of passenger requirement and/or seasonal operating conditions. If this happens you will receive a full refund.

Policy Notices


Notice to all passengers: We DO NOT intentionally get you wet on our vessel! In the unlikely event that possibility you and/or your belongings may become wet during your excursion, we strongly advise that you place all electronic equipment in a dry area prior to departure. Thunder Cat Speedboat, LLC will not be held liable for any damage to personal property caused by water or any other circumstance related to the operation of the excursion.


Thunder Cat Speedboat, LLC employs a ZERO tolerance policy toward drug use and/or possession while on-board our vessel. In addition, no consumption of alcohol and/or intoxication will not be tolerated. Please be advised; The Captain at his sole discretion, reserves the right, to have immediately removed from the vessel; any and all passengers appearing to be intoxicated, or under the influence of any drug, whether or not true. The Captain may also dispatch Police or US Coast Guard Officials to assist in having the passenger/s removed from the vessel and without refund. Thunder Cat Speedboat, LLC may also pursue financial damages for any loss of revenue, or otherwise, resulting from such activities.

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